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Self-Discovery Awakening Mix (Alan Watts)

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Alan Watts awakening mix for self-discovery

In this video, the profound and popular Speaker: Alan Watts, shares some of his most fascinating ideas on life and self-realization. This Mix is aimed at helping the listener to expand their perception and journey through serene auditory realms of self-discovery. Provided by: Soul Spark, allow yourself to absorb the content sincerely and support all those involved.

Education is a kind of necessary evil. And when the process of education has been completed, we need a cure for it. Education is like salting mix, in order to preserve it to eat it.

In the process of being brought up by ones parents and teachers..

In some cultures it is requires to do some psychonanalysis when you are finished with education.

Once goes through it because it is beneficial to general mental health.

We need a cure of course, because the thing that we lose it’s continuity. That’s what is so delightful about a child.

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